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Spring is here, and southern California’s blooming wildflowers and the advent of the changing seasons is a gratifying sign of rebirth. This season promises to be a time of renewal and reconnection – to the people, places, homes, and nature in and around our communities. Lavish backyard gatherings are bringing us back together, hosted by the perfected, blooming properties that came out of a year in isolation. 


For this second issue of At Home in LA, we’re taking a closer look at LA’s floral bloom and the gardens and landscapes framing our soon-to-be post-COVID lives. The homes and hot spots in this issue are adorned with florals that emulate the California super bloom, setting the perfect backdrop for entertaining and living this spring and beyond.

The guarantee of a spring awakening is a promise of positivity in southern California. And even after a dry winter, the region’s wildflowers are ready to bloom. Swaths of bright flora carpet the desert floor of Death Valley, Anza-Borrego State Park, Antelope Valley and the like. Meanwhile, LA backyards are blooming and becoming vibrant at-home escapes.


Even the heart of West Hollywood is turning into a bustling floral oasis. For the grand opening at the Pendry Hotel, floral designer Eric Buterbaugh created jaw-dropping installations at seven vibrant Sunset Boulevard locations. Covered with red roses, yellow forsythia, and pink pampas,  the installations are a celebration of new beginnings and a gift to LA as we come into post-pandemic life.

The contrast between our time in isolation last year and this new growth across California is reflected in the mix of texture and color in the work of modern LA landscapers and exterior designers like Scott Shrader. It’s this balance of the natural, earthy tones and the rebirth of lush greens and florals that best represent a California spring, especially in 2021.

In Santa Monica, Shrader crafted an enchanting Morocco-inspired backyard that works seamlessly with the sprawling open-concept home on the property. Complete with centuries-old olive trees and salvaged limestone columns from a Frederick Law Olmsted–designed estate, Shrader’s touch creates an enveloping backyard enclosure born of nature.


As quoted in Veranda, “to immerse guests fully, Shrader starts by “slowing them down.” All of the senses are considered: potted gardenias set a signature scent and thoughtful lighting gives dimension to this outdoor space. In collaboration with interior designer Erin Martin, Shrader was able to produce seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas of the property – perfect to embrace the blooming spring environment in every part of this home.

In the Hollywood Hills, Shrader again brought his masterful touch to turn a 1930’s property into a dream-like garden oasis. Set on a 15,177 square foot parcel, the rebirth of 8469 Hollywood Blvd is the perfect hideaway surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of LA. 

Smartly placed hedges make this backyard multidimensional by carving out enclaves perfect for alfresco dining and entertaining. Citrus and lavender curl up against bubbling fountains, creating a swirl of serene scents and sounds. Plus, we’ve just brought this gem back to market at a brand new price, making it ready just in time for the season’s outdoor gatherings.

This spring, backyards, gardens, and outdoor spaces are some of the most valuable and sought after features for buyers looking to embrace the new season after spending last spring inside. That means landscaping and exterior design is an even more important step in preparing homes for sales this season. With our resources, Andrew Rhoda & Associates has been able to support clients in making their properties the perfect outdoor escapes. 

To learn more about the homes mentioned, or to see how we can get your properties ready for spring sales, get in touch. And if you missed our first issue, you can give it a read right here.