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At 21 years old, I had completed 3 years of a 4 year degree to practice real estate in Belgium. For the final year, I was given the option of completing the program abroad through an organization called Belcham (The Belgium-American Chamber of Commerce). That is how I was put in touch with Andrew Rhoda. Andrew had hosted an internship with another one of my classmates the year before and I had heard good things about the experience… I remember our first introduction through Skype; where for some reason, I felt comfortable within the first minute (first impressions DO matter!). After a long process and a lot of paperwork, my LA-adventure got officially approved. I can’t describe how that felt, but I’m sure you can imagine!

By the time I started working for Andrew, he had joined this amazing company called ‘Compass Real Estate’. Cliché or not, It was lucky for me that I was going to have a COMPASS guiding me as I was embarking on a big journey and had no idea where I was going or what to expect! When I entered the company for the first time, I felt this amazing rush of excitement friendly people in the middle of Beverly Hills… AMAZING! The move to Los Angeles wasn’t exactly easy, getting around, starting a new job and being completely on my own has been VERY challenging. But I learned quickly that I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable, finding a way to push myself to the best of my capabilities… Because if you don’t push, NOTHING happens…

Working for Andrew Rhoda at Compass has been a great experience. It challenged me in very different ways than expected, teaching me things that I never assumed I would learn. I stepped MILES outside of my comfort zone, got to meet so many amazing people and worked on some really great projects and felt like I was really able to contribute back to Andrew and the running of his business. I can’t begin to explain how IMPORTANT an experience like this is in the life a 22-year-old. It’s almost as if you are creating magic for yourself… and, to quote my boss, “we can’t live without the magic”.

Working at Compass literally is the BEST. Compass organizes great team building events, seminars, and is very invested in everyone’s happiness at the office and is just a great company to work for. Next to all the fun stuff, Compass is very big on helping people the RIGHT way. Every single agent I met here, is a great person who cares, is knowledgeable and believes in this company being the future of real estate. Not because they tell them it is, but because they all actively work on making this come true. People are happy here, and that happiness clearly shines through the whole office!

My year here has come to an end, but I believe that this is only the start of another great chapter of my life. It has prepared me to take on new and more difficult challenges in real estate and beyond, and I’m excited to see where I am going to end up! I can’t begin to describe my gratitude to all the people that have contributed to making this year the way it was… Your friendship, love and compassion mean the world to me, and I’m going to miss you all A LOT.

Thank you Andrew, for giving me one of the most life-changing experiences. I promise I will continue to “MAKE THE MAGIC” just like you! =-)