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I’m so grateful that as a Compass agent, I have access to phenomenal REAL-TIME sources of data & statistics that help me guide my clients home in the most INFORMED way.

There is no question that now is a good time to get top dollar when selling your home but most people who are considering that are also perplexed about where they will move to once they sell their home. This past year we have successfully coordinated the complex SELL/BUY process for a number of people… It’s a process that requires a strong, solutions-oriented team that anticipates many moving variables with resolution and ease.

Single family homes lead the increase, with 1,093 homes valued at $1 million or more swapped hands during this quarter, making it the most active quarter of production on record! This increase was driven by the Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Silverlake-Echo Park neighborhoods. Condos, however, saw a decrease of 11%. While this isn’t great news if you want to sell now, as a buyer this means that you might be able to score a deal. Want to see how each neighborhood stacks up in more depth? Contact Andrew and his team to hear more about how these revolving pieces can benefit your search/buy process.

Fear of the unknown is a powerful foe BUT when armed with tools like the Compass market reports, I’m able to cut through the fog of uncertainty and help my clients make clear headed, well informed decisions despite the HIGHLY EMOTIONAL process. As a client and friend of Andrew Rhoda Homes, you can expect that not only will we help guide you home, we’ll help you make the BEST and sound decisions based on the current market climate ensuring that you can have peace of mind for YEARS to come!